Fake Parts – Oversight or Intentional?

I just read a story from the BBC about fake parts out of China (as well as the UK and Canada) used in U. S. aircraft that can cause problems with a plane’s GPS system, radio and night-vision system.

The problem was found by the Committee of Armed Services United States Senate. See below.


The Senate Armed Services Committee “blamed weaknesses in the US supply chain, and China’s failure to curb the counterfeit market.” The report “highlighted suspect counterfeit parts in SH-60B helicopters used by the Navy, in C-130J and C-27J cargo planes and in the Navy’s P-8A Poseidon plane.”

According to this committee, China knows there are “counterfeit” companies that produce these products, and that these products are “sold openly” in Chinese markets. Ok, I can understand that China has made a huge mistake in this.

However, what I do not understand is how the United States is supposed to view this situation. The article (armed-services.senate.gov/Publications/Counterfeit Electronic Parts.pdf) termed this an “oversight” on both China and the U.S. supply chain, specifically on the back of the U. S. Defense Department’s Government-Industry Data Exchange.

Oversight? Really? Am I the only one who doesn’t totally buy this theory? Is it possible that China simply did not ensure parts sold to the U.S. were in working order? Yeessss….

Is it possible that China knew these products didn’t work and sold them the U.S.anyway? Absolutely. If so, that raises all sorts of questions as to its motives and expectations. And I think the question of China’s motive should have been brought up in this BBC story.

In any case, there were 1,800 aircraft found to be carrying these defective parts. And that’s quite a lot of moo la to fork over to fix them. In an global economy where China is better off than we are, if there was a malevolent act by the Chinese, they nailed us twice.


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