Nuclear Hypocrites

Since 9/11, terrorist concerns have worried even the staunchest of us who proclaim to be fearful of nothing. Add to that the threat of nuclear war (at any time, by any country) and it seems that none of us are safe. If you spend any length of time thinking about it, I promise you’ll develop a severe complex.

Today, I read a CNN article about talks with Iran over its nuclear capacity (or supposed lack thereof, depending on who you talk to).

First of all, the Middle East has been unstable in democratic terms since the beginning of time, and I am not foolish enough to think that money, troops and talks will change that. It is what it is. It’s a tribal thing. Democracy will not work in countries like Iran.

Secondly, which country do you think Iran’s nuclear weapon will be aimed for? I’m betting on the United States. I do not want them to have nuclear capability.

So we’ve got a tribal country with intense hatred of the United States. That’s a pretty explosive problem!

However, isn’t it hypocritical for the United States and other countries that knowingly have nuclear weapons but sanction specific countries who are a threat to us? I think it is. I get that we need to be prepared, but can anyone truly prepare for saving lives out of a nuclear attack? No! People are still going to die.

Is it naive to propose every country destroy its nuclear programs? I realize that will drive some countries – probably even this one – to create nuclear programs underground, so to speak. But the theory is that fairness needs to be extended to all.


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