Obama & Romney – Dirt & Mud

We all say we don’t like the mud-slinging that goes on in campaigns, be that for Student Body President or a local city’s mayoral race. But the most complaints come out during Congressional and presidential elections.

In truth, though, don’t we sometimes think these campaign ads and slights are slightly funny? At the very least, don’t they give us fodder to use against our friends,

If only political mud-slinging was this cute!

family, colleagues and neighbors when our political stance comes into question?

Being a proud Democrat, even I had to nod in agreement with Matt Negrin when he stated that companies like Romney’s Bain Capital are supposed to be capitalistic in nature. They aren’t supposed to summon jobs, but instead to summon money for their investors.


Now – how ethical this business practice is – well, that’s not anything I personally care to get into because in this case, the fact is that Obama is wrong when his “ads portrayed Mr. Romney as a callous corporate raider, who’s more concerned about profits for investors than the welfare of workers.”

Is he wrong because what he said is false? How would I know? How would you? None of us know Mr. Romney personally, nor do I know of anyone who works for Bain Capital or had any business dealings with it. And since when has corporate America EVER cared about the plights of the proletariat? Um, never. So why would Obama care any more about the problems of the working class than Romney would? Is this even the point?  I think not.

The point is that it’s a good ‘ole fashioned dirt-clod fight. That’s all. It doesn’t really matter what the accusations are. If, for instance, Obama set up a campaign ad accusing Romney of murder, now that’s something I could get behind. Wouldn’t you want to know if your possible future President ever killed anyone? Yep.

But it’s never over life-and-death stuff. It’s bullying. It’s stupid. And we’re stupid for using this crap to perpetuate our political affiliations, beliefs, and statements. So here’s a novel idea: instead of the same old same old – talking out both sides of our mouths – why don’t we actually make it known that we are sick and tired of it?

How, you say? That’s a conundrum that I thought of myself before writing this post. Did you know you can actually e-mail the White House? But really, isn’t that actually used by federal agencies to ferret out weirdos and lunatics and terrorists? How likely is it that the President of the United States, or even one his advisers or entourage members, would read it? Not so much.

My suggestion is to contact your Congressional representatives. Both sides of the aisle, people. Let both House and Senate members, Democrats and Republicans, know that you aren’t on the side of the nasty ads anymore. Come on – it’s worth a shot, right?

Go to http://www.congress.org/news/ to see how to contact your state and federal representatives. This is a useful tool for any kind of contact you’d like to make with them, by the way – not just about dirt and mud but about any issue you feel you need to speak out to them about.

And make sure to tell your kids to be nice to all those contenders at school!


4 thoughts on “Obama & Romney – Dirt & Mud

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