Expect the Unexpected!

My husband is many things. He is tall, he is kind, he is smart, he occasionally cooks. He is not that funny when he intends to be, despite what he says. He has his flaws, but he is a fantastic man, a great father and a wonderful husband. One thing everyone knows about him, however, is that he works hard.

He was making moo la as a kid cutting grass for the neighbors. He’s not materialistic but he just enjoys working at things he likes. And for the past nine years or so, he’s been working at the same company, slowly climbing the ladder. And every time the chance for something bigger has come up over the last few years, he’s been rejected. Not because he’s not qualified and not because he’d fail – he’s incredibly qualified and could do a good bit of it in his sleep! It’s because other things have gotten in the way. (Can ya’ll read ‘twixt the lines here?)

But recently we got some very good news. My dear, sweet, wonderful husband finally got a pretty stinkin big promotion!!! WHOO-HOO! ‘Bout darn time! Now, the raise isn’t so much what we wanted – it’s more in the general vicinity, but we’ll take it.

The point of this post is not to boast, however. The point is that while this decision – to give him the job or not – was being made, I said, “Honey, you need to pray a lot about this. You need to EXPECT that God is going to give you this.” And he did, and He did!

Photo courtesy of memecenter.com.

Not that all prayers are answered this way. This one wasn’t entirely answered the way we wanted it! But when you expect God to come through for you He does. For example, the Lord could have said, “You’re not going to get this promotion, son.” And there are two ways of looking at that.

One is taken directly for the 90’s version of The Little Rascals when Alfalfa is once again confronted with the bullies he thought he’d escaped from that day: “And the clouds opened up and God said, ‘I hate you Alfalfa!'”

The other is taken from divine providence! The fact that my husband was even considered for such a high position means that he could have taken that to another company and gotten a better job.

It’s a glass half-full kind of thing, I guess, but you gotta always keep in mind that God is there throughout everything. Sometimes you look back a few years from an event that was utterly tragic at the time – I mean, it could have torn your life apart – and yet you can see the good God was working through your life in the midst of that awful circumstance.

Expect the unexpected!


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