Letting Go

Summer is here, at least in the South, where we’ve already topped 90 degrees. Summer should be a time of fun, a time of joy and ice cream, parks and vacations – the list is endless. But as you know, my friend Jane has to let go of her daughter, Abbey, for two months during the summer.

photo courtesy of blogs.babble.com.

Jane is having a really hard time. For someone like me, I can imagine how difficult that would be. But Jane explains it like it’s a death or something. A little mini-death every year. I suppose that’s true. When you have to let someone go whom you love more than your own life, how is that not a death?

I wrote before that Jane needs to reinvent herself during the summer – do something to take the focus off her daughter and being just a mom. Upon reflection I know that Jane needs to spend lots of time on her knees – prayer is a wonderful helpmeet in times of distress.

The sad thing about life is that that’s really all you can do; try to keep busy and trust the Lord. Rest in  Him. But when your most important thing in the world is gone, even if only for a little while (but to Jane it feels like an eternity), rest is hard to accomplish.

So, for all you divorced parents out there who have to do the “summer thing,” my thoughts and prayers are with you.  I hope yours are with Jane.


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