How This Country Girl Makes Ham

Kitchen-Sink Ham

This ham can last us for several days, not even counting the portion I freeze!

A dear friend of mine is coming over for dinner tonight, and I thought I’d cook a ham for her and my husband as a treat. It’s not hard, despite its size, so don’t get all intimidated, girls. It’s actually a simple thing – at least my way it is.

Set your oven at 325. Place your ham on what I call a broiler rack. Using half of

one stick of melted butter, pour it evenly over the entire ham (I place mine with the flat side down or on its side – doesn’t matter). The next step is to lightly salt the ham with a shaker. Then pour your concoction over it.

What is a concoction, you might ask? Well, it’s called Kitchen-Sink Ham for a reason! A lot of people use brown sugar as a base for theirs, but you don’t have to. I didn’t happen to have any today, so I just used my Dixie sugar – a little less than a fourth of a cup, I guess. To that, I added blueberry jam (a tablespoon plus a little extra!), some pancake syrup, some juice (whatever we had in the fridge), some mustard, some orange blossom honey (whatever kind you have works fine) and some salt.  Pour that evenly over the ha


Follow that up with the second half of the butter, poured evenly, and tent the ham with tinfoil. I let that cook for about three hours and then took it out. What you see above is the ham right out of the oven, but I only did that for the sake of a photograph. Let it sit, still tented, till it cools completely. Then you can dish it up or store it in the refrigerator or freezer. Just remember: when freezing cooked food, it must be at room temperature; that’s also a good rule of thumb if your refrigerator is full because the heat from improperly cooled food can get the whole temperature of the fridge outta whack.



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