Who in the Heck is Eebee?

Hello to the Motherhood this morning! Any of you out there have an Eebee fan? I am so lucky. I have two. Since there is a bit of difference in age between my kids, this is good. For those of you who haven’t heard, he is…well, Eebee. There is no other way to kindly describe him.

On days when my youngest is screaming or fussy, usually Eebee does the trick. But it isn’t just about one obnoxious and strange-looking puppet. All of you moms out there (and smart dads) have a go-to television show to save your sanity.

I personally miss the days when good ‘ole Thomas the Train could save the world; or even Bob the Builder, despite the theme song.

Why do we do it? I mean, not “we” as in adults – hello, Captain Obvious. I mean, why does it work so well when other well-meaning attempts do not? Isn’t it better to hug, kiss, and love on your child instead? Make him or her laugh? I think so. I’m sure ya’ll do too. It’s frustrating that in all my glory, which my kids are privileged to see every day, I am sometimes just not enough. To add insult to injury, I keep singing, all day long, “We’re not, wishy-washy no baby!” Oh my goodness – seriously, as I type, my child is watching this show and they’re singing that God-forsaken song!!! AAARGGHHHHH….


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