The Peace of God

The peace of God that surpasseth all understanding – Philippians 4:7. I’m thinking of this verse on this peaceful, sunny morning here in the South. I myself have felt this peace. It’s the type that comes when your circumstances are telling you something entirely different. When you’re facing an overwhelming situation; when you’ve passed through it and should be suffering unto death.

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Instead, you feel a balmy peace that only the Lord can give.

There are two people out there this morning who could be suffering and tormented and instead are laughing, praying, talking, sharing, and loving each other and all they come into contact with. I believe this is the peace of God. I am so grateful for their example of compassion, belief, faith, and love. I am so grateful to call them friends.

There are hard times a comin. They know that. We, as friends and family members, know that. But they know we have their backs. For as long as it takes, we’ll stand beside them, kneel with them, and pick them up when they fall. By the grace of God, we have been given these two people! They might see it the opposite; that they are so lucky to have such wonderful, caring people in their lives, and maybe that’s true. But we are the lucky ones! We are the ones who will never forget what we are seeing right now.


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