Stuff, Stuff & More Stuff!!!

As my husband and I were panting along during our morning workout, me trying to keep up with his long strides on a bad knee and foot, and him proving he actually doesn’t run twenty minutes on the treadmill because he only made it two laps on a short trail before having to walk, he said to me, “Hey honey? Why don’t we get (insert the name of our oldest here) a razr?” I think I spelled that contraption right??

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“I think it would help the child learn to balance on his bike better.”

Huh. My oldest kid doesn’t particularly like the bike, which was carefully selected. But why does the kid need a razr to help him balance when just learning to ride the dadgum bike seems simpler? This was my argument.

And it got me to thinking about all the STUFF this child has. Like most kids in divorced families, my biggest goes away to my ex-husband’s house for a while during the summer and I don’t get to see my precious oldest often, so when the child does come home I go a little crazy and get a new toy. Now that I’ve re-married, my husband is no help; he’d buy the kid a pony if we could afford it. Seriously. So every summer we get some really nice toy that the kid chucks, after a day and a half, in with all the other discarded toys.

Stuff, stuff, stuff. I never had this much crap when I was a kid. We didn’t have a lot of money and there were a lot of us, but new toys were for birthdays and Christmas ONLY. I once knew a parent who got her kid a new toy every time they went to Target. The kid’s room was a hazard. I laughed at her stupidity and wasteful spending. And yet, we can barely corral all the junk in my oldest child’s room.

But both my kids get more than they could ever want; for my baby’s birthday I picked out a simple, inexpensive toy. It looks like it’s got a lot of bells and whistles – for a little one like mine. Besides, at that age, they’re more concerned with tearing up the wrapping paper than the actual gift inside. But on the day of the party, my husband went out and bought a much bigger, more expensive, gift. Which of course my baby plays with for about five seconds when outside in the yard.

At least I get to downsize after every birthday, Christmas, and when my oldest goes away for the summer. The kid never even notices!


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