You Are My Sunshine

This blog post is dedicated to one of my best friends. She knows who she is. She is funny, strong, kind, smart, and loving. She thinks she’s all tough but deep inside she has a tender heart. It breaks just like that of anyone else.

Just one day ago, a strong ray of sunshine left her in darkness, and for all the laughter of the last two weeks, for all the smiles, for all the hugs and kisses, and for all the incredible strength of soul, body, and character that she exhibited, she is deeply hurting, missing that ray of light in her life. She stood by him in sickness and in health, but it’s been the last two weeks that some of us got to see that firsthand. My pride in her is immense. My joy at seeing him happy is immeasurable.

I spoke to her mother the day that light left us forever, and was reminded that where he is, there is no pain, there are no tears, and there is no sorrow. I believe that he entered the gates of heaven with wonder, excitement, and such love that we cannot begin to imagine it as earthly beings.

The last day I saw him, I made sure to tell him goodbye, and that I loved him. I almost didn’t; he was very tired and wanted to rest, but I told myself that I never knew if I would ever be able to hug him and love on him, ever again. These rays of light in our lives can be snuffed out in an instant and no time on earth is long enough to bask in their warmth. Today, and every day, put the moment’s struggle into terms of eternity. There is no going back once you have turned away from love.

This poem, You Are My Sunshine,  is dedicated to Carly and Daniel. I’m sorry I couldn’t write a better one:

Where love casts its light, there is a beam of sunshine that sustains us, even through the darkest night;

Despite the sorrows of life, the things that anger us, and the things that hurt us, it is love that makes the big problems seem small once that candle burns out;

But he taught us more than love – he taught us laughter, perseverance, and strength, although he might not have even known how much;

Look down on her with love, and guard her all the rest of her days with your protection;

TO GOD BE THE GLORY, for it is through Him that the ones left on this earth will come out on the other side, blessed for having known such a wonderful man.


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