What Connection?

Photo courtesy of apapromotions.com.

I just read a CNN article about U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and his supposed misconduct with Fast and Furious, and how the U.S. House held a vote recently about whether that was actually the case. What surprised me was the A.M.E.’s publicity about the vote.

The A.M.E. Church is a black denomination of mixed Episcopals and Methodists, which I find rather strange, but that’s just my opinion. What is bothering me about this article is not just Michelle Obama’s blatant use of the A.M.E. conference to get her message about Eric Holder out to the blacks in the nation, but also the A.M.E.’s idea that just because they disapprove of criticism of Eric Holder, they have the right to expect coverage of their dislike of the House vote.

But the A.M.E. didn’t stop there! They actually tried to establish a very invisible connection between the House vote on Fast and Furious and voter fraud!! HUH? Are American black voters so stupid that they believe whatever church or social leaders tell them? No, they are not! So why does this ploy always seem to work?



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