Death from Blushing?

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I just read a disturbing story about a man who committed suicide because he suffered from a blushing disorder. He blushed, uncontrollably, in almost any situation – not just from embarrassment or anger – since he was fifteen. So, for five years, he dealt with this terrible condition and no one knew it but him.

I’m confused. I realize mental health is something most people don’t know a whole lot about because I believe most people don’t suffer from poor mental health. So, not being an expert on mental health, but having suffered from depression and anxiety, I am confused because I was not aware blushing was such a huge burden on a person’s mind.

But let’s say it is. The story goes on to say that there are ways to treat this condition. Yes, I know, the man was fifteen when this problem began. And teenagers don’t talk to their parents about what bothers them, so the parents would have no way of knowing the entire details of the man’s life.

However – if your child suffers from a severe case of ANYTHING, how would you not know about it? How would you not notice that your child blushes constantly, and not wonder about it at the very least?

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This seems to take parental non-concern to the extreme. Not to mention that blushing constantly is a terrible reason to take your own life. As a parent, I would feel horribly guilty for not paying attention to my own child in a case like this. Gracious! I do not at all hold myself up as the standard-bearer for excellence in parenting. But I hope that if my children ever suffer from something so bad they consider suicide that I would have the sense and mindfulness to be on top of it to the best of my ability!


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