Does Focusing on a Problem Solve it?

“When our minds remain focused on our problems, we become consumed with them. If we meditate on what’s wrong with others, we see even more flaws and faults. If what we concentrate on becomes bigger to us then, just imagine how big God and His promises will become as we meditate on them. They will become so big they will crowd out everything trying to destroy us.” — Joyce Meyer, Start Your New Life Today

But how do we actually deal with problems? I think there are two types – problems we  can solve and problems  we can’t. The problems we can’t solve, well, we shouldn’t waste time worrying about them. But the ones we can? We come up with a solution and prayerfully place it before God. If we feel peace about it, that’s the course we should take. If we don’t feel peace about it, we should ask God what to do. When He answers, we follow it. No matter how hard it is.

Having spent most of my 30-something life meditating ceaselessly on my problems, I can tell you how absolutely draining it is! It is such a waste of God’s precious gifts of time and space on this Earth!


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