Enjoy Your Life Even When it Isn’t Perfect

For those of you who know me well, the word “perfectionist” would not come to mind when thinking of what type of person I am. Being a perfectionist means that you strive for excellence, which is great,  but in today’s terms t hat really means that you strive so hard, all the time, that you drive yourself (and others) batty. But I believe there are two types of perfectionists – ones who actually cannot go through life unless they create the illusion of perfection, and ones who go through life a little miserable, at times, because they know they can’t  do it perfectly and therefore don’t even try. Alas, I am  of the latter persuasion.

So here’s a thought for you people out there, encumbered and obsesses with perfection: to heck with it! You know deep down that it’ll never happen. Just when every ball you’re juggling is going well,  one always drops and threatens your equilibrium. So enjoy your life while it’s hard, enjoy fellowship with God (because there are so many times, over the course of your life, when you know He’s all you really have), and remember He is working in your life at all times! He doesn’t get angry with us every time we fail – also remember that failure is part of success. God understands our flaws, which is helpful in times when you feel like no human  being ever born understands how you feel and why.

We know we should be better people – stronger Christians. But like any other area you try to improve, you also know that bettering yourself is a process, and there is no magic wand you can wave to make it happen  quickly. So embrace the journey! Be thankful for it. Be grateful for every day you wake up so that you can try to do things better today. Accentuate the positive in your life. Focus so much on that! I’m not advising you to exclude the negative, the things you need to fix  about yourself.  But quit thinking about them all the time. God doesn’t want us to be miserable while we wait on our blessings, and He doesn’t want us to feel guilt and condemnation all the time either. When you awake, make a promise that you will do your very best, come  what may, that day. And then go out and do it!


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