Being a Person of Excellence

In Start Your New Life Today, Joyce Meyer wrote that we need to “maintain body and soul…to be a person of excellence and power…” When I played high-school basketball I got a lot of motivating print-outs on how to be excellent. And it’s very true that sports analogies can also apply to real life. So, what does being a person of excellence mean? The word is described as “superiority; eminence” with synonyms like “preeminence; distinction; merit and virtue.”

I like those words. I even  like “superiority” because I don’t think i t means the attitude of being superior, but that it means your behavior being superior – better. Are some of you wondering what it is that you can do with distinction or merit? I am. I don’t really have one single obvious talent. I used to think one day I’d be a writer but I am starting to give up that dream. It’s a lot harder than it looks folks! So what do those of us who aren’t really gifted do with our lives?

When it comes to the ways of the world – the values it places on each of us – we can get pretty lost in anonymity when we don’t have the merits it holds dear. What if you’re not a rock star, a movie star, a Kardashian (shudder to think!), or a multi-millionaire? What if you can’t sing like an angel, write the great American novel, or succeed as a lawyer or doctor? It’s enough to make you feel really small. What if you’re just an average Joe or Jane, working a job that pays the bills, raising ordinary kids, and living an “ordinary” life?

My response to that is, “So?” So what? Yeah, sure, the world places value on those who monumentally succeed and tells the rest of us that we suck.  But we don’t! There is always one area in every life that we can predominate with enough excellence to kick some asphalt, and that is our relationship with God and how that is expressed to others. It’s also true that when we dominate in this area we won’t get a lot of credit for any of it – otherwise the expression “nice guys finish last” wouldn’t have been  coined. It takes a lot of excellence to wait until you experience heaven to become what everyone else will want. It’s hard, but it is possible.



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