“Agent Orange” is Sick

I’ve never been a supporter of war for just any reason. I believe war is inevitable when you are fighting against evil. There are countries or dictators or terrorists who hurt others who have no way of defending themselves, and just like a bully pushing down the kid next to you, it’s your obligation to step in and stop it. Sometimes this country really gets it right.

Vietnam,  however – no so much. I just read about Agent Orange an I’m sickened that it has taken us this long to do something. The war could have been called a civil war, except North Vietnam regarded South Vietnam as less than part of its own country. The proliferation of communism is something this country despises, but we hurt many (including innocent women and children) and lost much. It was a mistake.

People involved in lawsuits against  the United States involving Agent Orange have called it “better late than never,” but continue to sue. I hate to say it, but I would too.

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