The Difference Between Feelings & Truth

I’m currently reading Joyce Meyer’s book Living Beyond Your Feelings, and I’m learning even more about how feelings do not have to translate to actions. This, of course, is recommended with negative feelings. And it got me to thinking about the things I struggle with in my own life, some of which are trust, insecurity, feelings of worthlessness, and love. I noted to myself that these are all feelings.

How come I didn’t get that before? That how I feel and what it is are not always the same? For example, it’s hard for me to trust anyone, but that doesn’t mean that when a person commits an act towards me that seems untrustworthy, it actually is untrustworthy. I have spent a lot of time totally misreading people. Truthfully, when you can’t trust your own judgment over things like this, it makes it hard to be in relationship with others.

The book of Proverbs is chock-full of pithy things we need to know. Here’s one that suits this message: “The virtuous think before they act.” –Proverbs 21:29.

So, the next time you think someone is treating you badly, think.


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