It’s Time to Sharpen a Bouquet of Pencils!

It’s getting marginally cooler out there. It feels great during my early-morning workouts. The air seems clearer. Fall is on the way!

And with it, the beginning of the school year. My oldest had his first week last week. He was pretty scared the first day and so was I. He is in a really big school, and he never has been. Neither have I, not counting college. I was terrified they were going to lose him. So far, he hasn’t gone missing. He actually likes his class. There was a boy with a Sonic the Hedgehog shirt on last week. As far as he’s concerned they should be friends. He’s usually more discriminating, but that t-shirt just did it for him.

As for the first day, we both cried. He really missed me. This is the longest school-day he’s ever had, so by the time I pick him up at carpool he’s so happy to see me he runs straight to me with his arms held out, ready to hug the life outta me. Yeah, I know that won’t last. I’m taking advantage of it while I can.

I hope the rest of you with kiddos out there are having as much luck as we are. Be safe everyone, and best wishes for a new year of learning!


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