A Mistake, or Running His Mouth?

You may have noticed that I am a Democrat, although not of the  Obama kind. So, unfortunately, this time I have to vote Republican. I know. Yuck. Gross. Eeewwww…Anyway, I was pleased as punch that at least Romney has a good-looking running mate. Haha. Literally.

Paul Ryan is under fire today for lying about his finishing time in a marathon, and it got me to thinking. Why would he do it, or did he do it? Lie, that is?

Let’s say he did. Let’s say he remembers his time from 1990 and fibbed. What does that mean? That he would make a bad Vice-President? Maybe. Maybe he lies about other things. Maybe that “great speech” at the convention was  just an arrogant liar running his mouth, and if so, he would remind me of an ex-husband of someone’s out there…ouch. That would really suck for this country.

But what if he didn’t lie? What if running a marathon was just a one-time thing, as it seems likely from both The Washington Post and Runner’s World? What if he really is health-conscious (good for him!) but doesn’t like the idea of doing a marathon but did it anyway, just for kicks, or to say to himself that he could do it? So, if it wasn’t such a huge deal to him, maybe he really did forget.

I hope it’s the latter, but only time will tell. Even if he is  a liar, does it really make a difference? If we want change, don’t  we have to vote for Romney even if his running mate runs his mouth too freely?

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