The Skinny on Being Curvy

A few weeks ago,  I was getting dressed for a Girls Night out and surveyed myself in the mirror. For the first time in my entire life, I saw a curvacious woman looking back at me. What’s more, I wasn’t even upset – I thought I looked great! I’ve had two kids. And I will never be twenty years old, ever again.

This was a major breakthrough. I’ve been trying so hard to lose weight over the last year and was getting nowhere. I was starting to lose focus on it and just quit. I hated the way I looked. And now,  suddenly, I don’t!

Ugh, I know. I hate women who talk about their body all the time, but I don’t, so keep reading if you’re like me!!! Ok?

Anyway, this past weekend, I was reading Glamour (I only read trashy mags at the salon) and saw a fantastic  article about how men view women’s bodies. I’ve read this before; seemingly about once a year, Glamour or some such does a piece on this topic. For some reason,  it stuck out BIG TIME for me.

Photo courtesy of Alexander Cabanel painted this, The Birth of Venus.

The article, out in this month’s magazine, I think, compared a photo of the original Venus versus a slimmed-down version, and asked 1,000 men to choose which they liked best. Overwhelmingly, they stuck to the classic!

However, upon seriously reviewing this photo, the original they showed men portrayed a woman with a slightly larger belly and arms as well.  Anyway, the point is, men do not care about skinny. Well, maybe some of them do. After all, taste is taste. But by and large (no pun intended) men want REAL women; women with weight to spare, women with normal bodies; women who enjoy food! Women who actually eat food.

It might do to remind ourselves, once again, that just like most men out there don’t look like movie stars, neither do we! So they want to be around women with substance, and a tad of belly fat will not deter them.

So why does it deter us? Is it just because we are constantly considering ourselves a project with an area (or twenty) that need to be fixed? Maybe. Of course it has to do with magazines and movies and  how thin women are in them. But really,  at least for me, if I had the choice between being an angry, hungry model with no a** or breasts, I’d rather be me, eating a darn good cheeseburger. And not worrying about it a bit. Not that I eat that way all the time – I am pretty health-conscious. But I have finally begun making peace again with my body. It is an awesome place to be!


10 thoughts on “The Skinny on Being Curvy

    • Well, I am thinking your comment was in jest, because it’s important to take care of your body. But we are so extreme, aren’t we? Either skinny or overweight. There is a happy medium, in which you get to eat normal food, and you don’t have to freak out about your body. I once had a friend with a large butt, and she tried and tried to get rid of it, and finally I told her that it is what it is. There was no way she’d get a flat butt without surgery. Why not enjoy what God gave her??

      • Yeah…I don’t think he was telling me that as an okay to eat cheeseburgers from McDonalds on a daily basis to get my weight up to 450lbs.. but I think he was telling me as a “relax, you’re fine just the way you are” kinda thing. Which I can understand now. I’m curvy, I have a big butt. Always have had a big butt… even when I was at my skinniest. But it’s okay! 🙂 Plus surgery… that’s not going to get rid of the way you feel about yourself. I feel like that’s just the beginning.

      • Right! You are fine the way you are. As long as you do your best to be healthy, that’s all you should do. I used to be bulimic and weighed in WAY too low. I promised myself back then, once I got through it, that I would never treat my body like that again; that I’d be happy wherever I ended up. That’s hard to do once you’ve had kids. They change your body so much. They actually push your hips apart! You’re also right about surgery, because the issue is so much more than cosmetic.

  1. It’s good that you are comfortable with yourself and love who you are. That’s important. However, as a skinny-minnie with small breasts who is slightly underweight (regardless of eating three square meals plus snacks a day), I want to point out that all women are REAL WOMEN! I HATE the whole “real women have curves” thing. There are those of us who do not have curves and it doesn’t make us any less real. I will never look like Marilyn Monroe, it doesn’t mean that my husband is wrong for being attracted to me and it doesn’t mean that I am a figment of the imagination. I have struggled with my own body image issues and I know many thin women who have. It’s especially hard in a society where we are told that we are undesirable and unattractive to men. Thin does not automatically mean eating disorder or drug addict, either! How about, instead of tearing each other down to make ourselves feel better (which is bullying), we just support each other and stop demanding that women be one extreme or the other.

    • Hi there! You are absolutely right.I simply focused more on normal-sized women because they are the majority. Yes, I have often thought: “I WISH I had her problem. She is so skinny.” But I am fully aware that some women are just built that way. Embrace it! Clothing is designed for women like you!! And yes,I am also FULLY aware that many women are naturally skinny and this is not brought on by an eating disorder or anything else. You’re very sensitive to this. You have obviously been treated wrongly for your body shape.

      You make an excellent point too about US not tearing each other down. We tend to blame it on men, but as the evidence shows (at least for American men) it’s the women who are putting undue expectations on each other!! How stupid is that???

      • Thanks for understanding. 🙂 Yeah I’ve put up with a lot of teasing and even downright nastiness because of my size. I’ve been trying to get a handle on my body-image issues; some days are better than others. And it’s true about women doing this to each other! I know many of my guy friends might have certain preferences, but they like women in general; they could really care less about the number on the tag of your dress! I have never heard a man say that he’s only interested in size 8-10 women! It’s just silly.

      • I was teased a LOT for having a “big chest” in high school. I mean, who wouldn’t want that, right? But when you’re the object of jealous ridicule it’s very, very uncomfortable. I get ya. You are going to have to let this go and cope with it in your own time, but I urge you to do your best to forgive and forget. You can do it! And I am sure you are absolutely stunning. Thanks for reading, THANKS VERY MUCH for commenting, and lets’ keep the dialogue going if you need to. Take care!

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