Good Conversation

Just about everybody likes good conversation. Unless you’re a total hermit, you enjoy spending time in quality dialogue, and you relish the people in your life who make that happen.

But on Sunday, our pastor at Roswell United Methodist Church preached about conversations with God, with Jesus – conversations based on prayer.

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During the last part of the message, we were all instructed to close our eyes and imagine that we were talking with Jesus, in the place of our choosing. Mine was by a quiet, peaceful stream. We were sitting on moss and holding hands.

“You are important,” he said.  In my mind’s eye, and in reality, I immediately started to cry. “Clothes and shoes and all that – if that’s fun for you, then enjoy it.” (I’m not sure where that came from but I will  keep an eye out for its meaning!) “But stop letting what people say or think about you, influence what you do for Me. What I have to say about it is much more important than anyone else.” I don’t remember the rest, but it was only for one minute so I doubt there was much more.

Why do I still need You to tell me I’m special? There are a lot of people, who think they know me well, who believe I already have an inflated opinion of myself.  They could not be further from the truth! When will I get it in  my head that what other people think doesn’t matter that much? That what I think about them doesn’t matter that much??

I tried it again this morning. Alas, the baby was crying, the husband was in the midst of an almost-meltdown, and my oldest was running around laughing and screaming, enjoying the mayhem of this particularly bad Monday morning. So, I said goodbye to Him and promised to catch up later.

Give it a try. Just ask Him what He needs you to hear, and then listen! My husband thinks God only talks to “some” people. Good Lord. If that were true He would have made a huge mistake picking little ‘ole me out of the bunch. No, He talks to everyone. You just have to shut up long enough to hear, and you have to evaluate what you are hearing. Joyce Meyer says that sometimes “God” is really the devil talking, and you have to ask the Lord if that’s really what He meant. Or is something you want to say? She also says that if you’re at peace with what you hear, it came from God; if not, it’s either yourself or Satan influencing your thoughts.

Anyway, try it out this week. Get quiet, and listen. Then ask questions, and see what a good conversation with the Lord is really like!


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