I’m Gonna Protest Too!

Today I am protesting against stupid. I know you can’t fix it.  It is what it is. But if the West is supposed to give credence to calls to “prosecute” the makers of an obscure, You-tube film about the Islamic religion, then I think we should give credence to prosecuting stupidity around the world.

But we aren’t really supposed to give credence to it, are we? That’s not the point. The point that respected news organizations like the BBC are making is that this has been blown so far out of proportion that we can’t even see it anymore.

So I have a new proposal. I personally have felt, for many,  many years, and especially the first year or so after the War on Terror began, that  the United States plays a quite British role of trying to make the world American.

Well, Sheikh Nasrallah, you can have your country all to yourself. When you need aid in the form of food or peacekeeping forces, please do not utter a single word in our direction. All you Middle Eastern countries out there, you have bitten the hand that feeds you for the last time.

It’s true that these are tribal countries, and we have spent, oh, forty years or so, at least, trying to stamp them all with the brand of democracy, and let’s be honest – it’s not because we’re so kind. I mean, maybe in part, and that’s certainly what politicians spout as the the reason. But that’s not it – it’s oil. We are going to have to figure out another way to fuel our cars.

And despite some slight evidence to the contrary,  I still maintain that the President is not doing enough to show his complete shock at how Americans in these countries have been treated, even unto death. But this just proves my point. Some ridiculous “film” is all it takes to kill four American men and harm  others, as well as put many of them  in harm’s way, and Obama has an apologetic attitude? No, sir.


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