Creative Kids

My oldest is imaginative and playful, to the consternation of former teachers at times, and yet I find it absolutely adorable. And smart. He is in a world of his own a lot. I was like that as a kid. I could snap out of it, a lot faster than he does,  but I loved the world of books and nature and imagination I lived in.

I got my oldest a Superman costume  for Halloween when he was about two years old. And he wore that costume all the time. As soon as he got home from pre-school he made me put it on him.

One day we had to go to the grocery store. It was a Saturday and I had let him  sleep in it overnight. Remember, moms – pick your battles!! Anyway, when it was time to get his play clothes on, he balked. And balked. It was WAR.

Finally, I decided that it wasn’t like he was going to the Rose Garden. It was Kroger. However, I was totally mortified. The entire time we were in the store I was embarrassed. A lot of people commented on  how cute he looked, and the moms understood that even though it was January, sometimes you just can’t get a kid out of a favored costume.

He has always loved costumes. Last year he was Buzz Lightyear for Halloween. Yeah; he wore that into the spring. Sometimes he’s talking and I can’t understand a word of it; he’s all inside his head, making up stories. But they are funny and wonderful.

Don Henley wrote a song called Annabel and here are some the of lyrics:

“But you got my hard head

And your mother’s grace

All the likeness of your loved ones right there in your face

And I know in the end you’ll be who you will be.”

Everyone seems to want a piece of my oldest child. Some of his family, his teachers at times – but I always remind myself that he’s got some of his Mama in him, and the best of his father, but mostly he’ll be who he ends up, and that’s just fine. In fact, it’s perfect.


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