Spanking in Pulic School? Sign Me Up!

Hallelujah! A Texas high school, recently under fire for allegedly aggressively spanking a sophomore, should be praised in my opinion. Why, you ask? Why would a mother in the 21st century approve of spanking, or paddling, students?

Because when used appropriately, corporal punishment is very effective. I myself was paddled once. I was in the fifth grade and was wrongly punished. The paddling itself didn’t hurt, and I wasn’t embarrassed so badly that it scarred me for life. The true punishment happened about thirty minutes later when my Daddy got to my school and gave me his own version, which was a lot worse.

I’m not helping my case, am I? That may be your opinion. But it isn’t mine. Although I didn’t deserve punishment for that “offense,” I do see the value in paddling. There is a level of embarrassment involved, and sometimes offenses are so wrong that a detention isn’t enough.

However, I just believe in corporal punishment in general. Time-outs and groundings may not work. But a spanking does. There was wording in the televised interview, though, that muddied the waters. The mother of this girl agreed to let the school paddle her, and then called it “hitting” because a man administered the spanking and she had “welts.”

Um, excuse me, but I have some of those myself, and this girl was moving too quickly and well, and sat down too easily, to have been “hit.”

Overall, I am just relieved that in some  places across this country, public schools have adopted the tradition of some private schools with corporal punishment. Good job!


4 thoughts on “Spanking in Pulic School? Sign Me Up!

  1. Violence(hitting) leads to more violence. This is sick. I’ve never spanked my children and they are great kids, and teachers tell me so all the time.

    • Hi Al. Thanks for your comment. I have a brother who maybe got spanked a few times in his life. He was the type of child that felt terrible enough for any mistake just by getting a stern look from our parents. There are children out there, and apparently you’re very lucky because both of yours are – who don’t need that kind of punishment. Congrats!

  2. Ten-four to wider usage of spanking kids in public schools! Heck, let’s greenlight it for colleges and universities, too! Can YOU think of a better way to beef up school attendence?! I’m already thinking about some classes right NOW!! And I’m a bad boy, baby!-YEAH!!

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