What Does God Think of Us?

Some say they can talk to God at any time, like an Old Testament prophet, and He will answer them. Others say they talk to God all the time but  He doesn’t always answer. I think those particular people actually mean He doesn’t give them the “yes” they were hoping for.

I personally believe that if you want to talk to God, you can do so at any time. I also think that if you listen, you will receive an answer, and not just a “yes” or “no.” Joyce Meyer puts it to us in an interesting way, and I think she’s right because I have seen the fruit of it in my own life.

She says that you pose your question to God (or Jesus, or the Spirit – whomever is on your heart at the time – and this is from me, not her) and you wait for Him to answer. When He does, the answer the is actually coming  from one of three places:

  1. God Himself;
  2. Satan (telling you what you want to hear, or telling you a lie about whatever you’ve asked God about);
  3. Yourself (telling yourself what you want to hear!)

So how do you know which one it is? Well, I have had to figure that out myself, and it isn’t hard. Ask Him again. And this time, see how you feel when you get  your answer. Are you at peace with it? Then it certainly isn’t what Satan wants. Is it Biblical? Scriptural? Then it is what God wants.

All of this is a preamble to what I really wanted to write about today, which is what God thinks of us, today, as human beings – not as Christians. That, I’m afraid, is a topic for, perhaps, another day.

Christians will tell you that God loves you, which is true. Christians purporting the so-called “prosperity gospel” believe, in part, that if you pray hard enough and have enough faith,  God will bless you with whatever you want. Murky, eh? A little hard to believe? Well, that’s because the rest of us don’t believe it!

The rest of us know that God loves everyone on this planet – even the worst sinners are welcomed into His arms if they so choose. We know that God blesses everyone in different ways, and even though it may seem indiscriminate at times, and even totally unfair, given that He blesses evil people, He does all this for His own purposes.

We know that sometimes,  He punishes us for our own good – to help us learn. But that most of the time, it isn’t God punishing us; it’s the consequences for the actions we have taken, and we deserve them. If we’re lucky, we will realize when He cuts those short in His extreme mercy, and if we truly want to walk in Jesus’ footsteps, we will extend that mercy to someone else who has hurt us.

If you were to ask God what He thinks about the people He created, I think He would say this. Actually, this is what I am being led, or called, to write about today by Him. But He would also tell us that He is sad about the people He created, because so many of them know Him and still do not place their faith and trust in Him. It would be difficult to go to most areas of this Earth and find a person who has not heard of God. Global missions have introduced Him to just about every place on the planet.

Still, we do nothing. Still, we cast our cares into alcohol, drugs, or sex. Shopping or food or sleeping. Television or movies. We cast our cares into the hearts and minds of our friends because, if we are Christians, we don’t want to face God with it. We know He will ask us to give them up. To lay them at His feet. And even though we desperately want healing from them, we also know that He will ask us to change. And we’d rather not, thank you very much.

We blame other people for the havoc we create, and we’ve done it so often we barely feel a twinge of guilt and shame, if any. The rotten and miserable parts of us have either been accepted as proper into mainstream society or we hide them, buried deep and only visible to a few people.

What does He want for us instead? He just wants us to say “yes.” When He comes knocking on the doors of our hearts, He just wants us to say “yes” and to let Him in. He wants to have hope for us. For us to have hope for ourselves!


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