Do We All Have Guardian Angels?

This morning, as I sat down to sip some hot coffee and do my Bible study, I decided to try something a little different. At the moment, I’m reading Streams in the Desert, a compilation of daily devotions that, yes, deals mostly with the trials we face in life. And frankly, I am sick to death of focusing on my trials. I am ready for some celebrations!

However, even when reading a book I abhor (and I do not hate this book; it’s actually awesome) I keep reading until the end. A pride thing I guess. So, I keep plowing ahead and I’m glad, because it’s got some amazing lessons in it! Today’s focus is Genesis 32:24, which is the story of Jacob meeting an angel and wrestling with him.

So, it’s just an angel, right? And they only appear to super-holy godly men in the Old Testament? Yep, that’s what I though too. I mean, it’s a nice idea, isn’t it? To have your own superhero guarding your every moment?

It reminds me of when I was driving my husband and kids to visit my Daddy. (Those of you who know me well will understand why this did not help my anxiety!) We were almost to Moundville, Alabama. I was doing 70 in a 65, I guess? Anyway, out of nowhere, this van comes at me. The driver was turning onto Highway 69 and did not even see me.

I literally had zero time to react. I just acted on impulse. The van’s driver pulled right into my lane, like I wasn’t even there. First I got into the left lane (thank God there was no one coming from that direction) and then, sure enough, here comes the van. So I (still going 70 miles an hour!) pull off onto the grass on the left side of the road, and the van’s driver just keeps going happily on. I realized I needed to get back into the right lane, and thank the Lord there was a street to turn off onto. I did, and got out the car, shaking and mad as you-know-what! (Mama would say “as a hatter,” whatever in heck that means).

I was high-fiving myself on being such an awesome driver. But now that I think about it, in context of guardian angels, I mean, come on! I’m not a horrible driver, but I’m not a perfect one. Yes, I think quickly on my feet, but that van should have driven straight into us, and I only had (in reality) about three seconds, maybe, to execute said driving so skillfully.

It isn’t just driving catastrophes. Think of all the times you’ve been able to say, “There but for the grace of God go I.” Sure it is His grace. But what if, at the meanest, hardest times of our lives, God’s given us our private superhero? Hey, it’s something to think about!


Gimme Gimme!

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How many of you have heard that if you just ask God for what you want, He will give it to you? Show of hands concludes that this is not a foreign concept. Now. How many of you have asked God for what you wanted and not gotten it?…Again, this is very familiar. The last question I pose to you is this: When you didn’t get it, did it make you feel like He answers the prayers of more godly people favorably? I thought so. I am not alone in this.

I think that feeling is true! John 15:7 – If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.

There you go. It’s right there in black and white. It is a Biblical promise. So what’s wrong with you that makes your wishes remain untrue?

Because in order to get whatever your wish, you have to remain in God. You have to let the Word remain in you. Now. Let’s say you want a new car. Let’s say your car is in decent shape but it’s older and you want something new. All you need to do is get a loan so you can buy that new car you want.

Just for luck, you pray before you enter the bank to meet with the loan officer. You ask God that He look favorably on your meeting. And at the end of that meeting, you leave very discouraged, frustrated and, frankly, angry, because you did not get the loan. You know you could make the monthly car payments, but you didn’t have enough to put down on the car. And you don’t understand why God didn’t give you what you wanted.

Hopefully, in the future, you will realize that if you didn’t have the money to put down on the car, you shouldn’t buy the car. If the car you already had needed to be replaced, I think that God would have paved the way for you to get a new car -it just might not be you wanted. Or He would place someone in your life you could carpool to work with. Get the message?

Does it say in God’s word that you get to spend money on whatever you please? No! Abide in God; His words abide in you. Ask what you need and it will be given unto to you. BECAUSE you dwell in His place. And it is a place of  peace, comfort, prayer – you become a permanent resident there.

Courteous Driving Rules

Here are my rules of courteous driving. Follow this etiquette and the people who must ride along with you will benefit as well:

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1. When someone is trying to merge with traffic onto the interstate and you have to get in their lane, put on your blinker so they know you are moving over and so that they can get in their proper lane.


3. If you think stupid things like driving regulations don’t apply to you because you’re a superior driver and the rest of the world’s drivers are idiots, pinch yourself. Hard. Remember that feeling. That’s your driving arrogance getting the smack-down.

4. Pay attention to people crossing the street. Do not give your passengers an anxiety attack by almost hitting someone when you’re turning right on a green. Pedestrians have the right of way.


That’s all for today, folks. Thank you in advance for complying!