Christian Politics

Oh, goody! Right? How many of you – Christian or otherwise – wish you’d never seen that blog title?  Aren’t we just totally sick of the whole thing? Well, for those of you who keep reading…thank you. I’m not going into an over-long post today. It’s just that I haven’t blogged on politics in a really long time, and although I’m not at all itching to, I figured it’s time. I warn you now that I have nothing earth-shattering to relay to you.

Here it is. For many Christians, the world as they know it will end when the next United States president takes office. It doesn’t matter who it is. For many other Christians, unless Donald Trump is elected, the Rapture ensues.

Well, I can’t tell you when the end of the world is coming. Much as I like to think it – and tell it – I don’t know everything. I’m not God. That’s it. I’m not God. None of us are, so none of us can tell when it’s going to be over.

What I can tell you is this. We live in a country of remarkable freedom. Christians aren’t being annihilated here – at least, not physically. We can go to whatever church we want and can worship a plant or a tree or a river or a statue or the Living God.

But this comes with a caveat because while we are not being killed for our beliefs as Christians, we are most definitely being persecuted, and while I personally don’t subscribe to the panic that Hillary Clinton will wipe us off the planet, I do think the event of her taking office will start a chain reaction of fear of panic for many Christians. She won’t have to do a single thing – just becoming president will be enough.

I know how bleeding-heart, flaming liberals think. I used to be one. I know the feminist mindset. I used to have one. But I think this is rare – to be able to adequately see and relate to both sides of the equation between the conservative left and the liberal right. If you don’t have personal experience in this area, I must tell you to be quiet. As my Daddy would say, sit down in that corner and hush. Hush up, now! Something that seems crazy to you makes total sense to millions of people, and has since time began. Read, talk to Christians, and get their perspective.

What I think of either of these candidates isn’t relevant. First, it won’t change your mind. Second, I think at least 80% of us want neither candidate to take office and, at this point, would elect Sponge-Bob Square Pants if it were an option.

So here’s what I propose. Come on over to MY side. It’s nice here. There is a bit of worry, but it is largely overshadowed by faith and trust that although Nope or Noper may become the leader of the free world, y’all, thank the good sweet Lord that Jesus is King! I will give unto Caesar what I must, but my heart, mind, soul, and body reside in a heavenly home. Even now, while I yet live. My home is not this planet. My home is in the heavenly realm.

When I get het up, as they say, my “Alabama country girl” comes out. So listen up. I’m gone tell y’all something important. God, should He choose to light the world afire if Clinton is elected, is gonna take me home, so go on and light it up! And if Jesus comes down at the election of Trump and snatches off that toupee (did anyone think it was real?), I will laugh as I join the rest of you sinners that are heaven-bound.

However, if God has decided to just let things roll, let’s roll with it. He has worked through far worse leaders throughout history. In fact, He’s worked through every single one. That’s right. The good, the bad, and the ugly. It is all to His purpose. So just breathe, y’all. Love. Honor others and respect them. If that’s beyond your purview right now, keep your darn mouth shut! Life is short and heaven is long, so do good while you can and rejoice that despite the situation, the Godhead has got this.